Turning Over a New Leaf

ImageAfter two years directing NDN’s Middle East and North Africa Initiative, I have accepted a new position in the private sector and my last day at NDN will be Friday, December 20th. NDN will remain engaged on foreign policy and I am excited to embrace new challenges on a more diverse portfolio of issues. 

When we started this Middle East and North Africa Initiative two years ago our goal was to help change the conversation around the U.S. response to the transitions in the Arab world, emphasizing that achieving broad-based economic growth and employment opportunities would be inextricably linked to the success of these democratic transitions. We have worked with policymakers to help them understand the medium and long-term importance of American leadership in the region, published reports and op-eds, hosted countless meetings and events with key officials, and labored to create more collaborative platforms for diverse stakeholders to seek solutions to these challenges.

We are proud of the work that we have done. Though the landscape of the Middle East is quite different now than in early 2012, I am optimistic that opportunities for productive engagement remain. Identifying and acting on those opportunities is more important than ever, and going forward I hope to be able to continue that work in new and different ways. To the many committed and brilliant individuals who work tirelessly to bring about a better future for the Arab world and a brighter day for the U.S. relationship with the region: Thank you for your partnership and friendship.

My replacement has not yet been named, but stay tuned for an announcement early next year.

Bradley Bosserman                                                                                                           Director, Middle East and North Africa


Intern for the MENA Initiative!

The MENA Initiative at NDN seeks to build support for and provide policymakers and organizations with the tools needed to promote an agenda of broad-based, strategic, and multilateral economic and diplomatic partnership with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. We accomplish this through media outreach, research, high-profile programming, engaging new constituencies in the diplomatic and private sector, organizing platforms of engagement for legislators, and by facilitating collaborative partnerships between organization working on different aspects of Middle East policy.

NDN is hiring an unpaid part-time intern to support the MENA Initiative Director in all aspects of program operation. The successful candidate will be a current undergraduate or graduate student with some demonstrable interest or experience with these issues. School credit may be able to be arranged. Please send a resume and cover letter (preferably in a single document) to bbosserman@ndn.org. Applications will be accepted until Friday, January 18th — but candidates will be evaluated and interviewed on a rolling basis. Please feel free to email or distribute this notice to friends, colleagues, and potentially interested students.